Mission & Vision

The mission of GRCC is to invite the unchurched and make Jesus beloved throughout Chicagoland.

The vision of GRCC is to create communities that reflect Jesus in our lifestyles, marriages, parenting and careers.

Leadership Team:

YoHan pic

YoHan Kim, Senior Pastor

Our senior pastor has ministered in LA, Atlanta, and the Philly area.  He’s studied at Wheaton College, Princeton Seminary and Harvard.  Known for his teachings on Biblical principles for daily living, YoHan is also trained in marriage, family and addiction counseling.  On his down time, he loves to fish and kayak with his teenage kids – when Chicago weather permits theyohannian@gmail.com


Kris Lee-Kim, Pastor of Kidz Church

Our education pastor has ministered to hundreds of children from Los Angeles to Atlanta and Philly.  Her ministerial training comes from Biola University and Princeton Seminary.  Using state-of-the-art techniques in teaching, Pastor Kris presents the world of the Bible in a way that is compelling and relatable to kids across all developmental stages.                                                            

KrisWladimiro Durand, Youth Director

Miami is a long ways from Chicago, but Wlad braved the winters to lead our youth. As a Moody student, coach and avid athlete, his kinetic energy is only matched by his passion to guide teens to Christ.   



Elder Eric Cuasay

Always ready with a corny joke or a Bible passage, Elder Eric’s love and joy for the Church is palatable.  In spite of his busy schedule with a medical practice and large family, Eric makes himself readily available to serve anyone who desires to know Christ.                       



Elder KangElder Soo Kang                                                         Professor Kang has helped guide our church for years with her wise counsel and prayers. She is no stranger to sacrificing time and energy to love those who are overlooked, even in the body of Christ. Make sure to join Elder Kang for tea to talk about her passion for art and faith.                                                             

What we believe . . .

The Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God without error in the original writings.  They are complete and provide the answers to who God is and who we are in relation to Him.  The Bible offers truth and wisdom to all who believe in the name of Jesus Christ and is authoritative for Christian living.

God exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  In this Trinity, God reigns and rules as Creator, Savior and King.

All human beings were created in the image of God.  Sin through Adam separated humankind’s relationship with our Creator.  Therefore, every single person is in desperate need of redemption and reconciliation with God.

Jesus Christ is true God and true human.  He physically died and historically rose from the dead.  His atonement on the cross offers the only way back to redemption and intimacy with our heavenly Father.  Jesus Christ is head over the Church and the Church submits to His supreme authority.